Bobae Barnes
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Namaste 안녕.

My name is Bobae Barnes.

A year after I graduated high school in Korea, my father was assigned to Montgomery, AL. I came to Montgomery and started my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design in Auburn Montgomery University2012. When I first moved in, I did not know anybody in the town except my family. I was not able to communicate in English or drive around the town. While I was going through a tough time, I found that the school gym offers Yoga classes. I fell in love with my first Yoga class. I LOVE spending an entire hour focusing on stretching my body, breathing and meditating.

My love towards my yoga practices brings back an old dream I had.

When I was teenager, I was even more of an excited girl. For the overflowing energy I had, my friend and I went to a Tae Kwon Do(TKD) Studio and achieved the 1 level black belt. After getting my first black belt, I really wanted to be a TKD master(teacher). However, one of my mentors pointed out how small I am, and suggested that I study visual art.

After graduating from my University, I knew it was time to spread yoga and became a yoga teacher! I was also working on rebranding with an Aerial Yoga Studio.  I tried my first aerial yoga class, and immediately fell in love with Aerial Yoga. In November 2018 I finished my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Leisha Knight.  Most recently, I finished my 300 Teacher Training at the Cambio Yoga in October 2019.

I am actively teaching in Colorado Springs.

I wish to meet you in this universe!

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